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13 August 2009 @ 08:51 pm
First post.  
Hello there.
You've either stumbled across this comm or i've forcably shoved it in your face whilst jumping up and down, shouting "LOOK! LOOK WHAT I MADE! LOOK!". Either way it seems to have gotten you here.

This is just going to be the place where i post my icons and graphics from now on.
I kind of like it, and by kind of i mean completely.

Feel free to watch the comm if you like my stuff. I do like new people :)

So in short what i think i'm trying to say is:


I'll do my best not to make an enormous twat out of myself.

My personal journal is pictureplaces (until recently i was gets_it_faster">) so if we have things in common feel free to add me. I'm nice i promise :)
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